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Paid Web Directory Coupons

Posted on 20th January 2012 by admin in News,Web Directories | Tags: , | Comments (1)

Link Zone Directory – COUPON CODE: 2009links

Authority Directory – COUPON CODE: adword

10 Pages Directory – COUPON CODE: 1000pages

Directory Delux – COUPON CODE: DISC20

Busybits Directory – COUPON CODE: v7nforum (works only for Credit Card payments)

Human Edited Directory – COUPON CODE: listofdirectory

Google only PR9 after update?

Posted on 28th June 2011 by admin in News,SEO | Tags: , | Comments (0)

It seems like a Page Rank update just took place in June 27. I’m not surprised to see that Google has only PR9 now, the brand is so well known, that nobody links to anymore. They simply say Google it, or check Google or only G.

Google Pagerank Update

Posted on 22nd January 2011 by admin in News | Tags: , | Comments (1)

It finally happened, a lot of people from Digital Point confirmed. So Google didn’t give up the PR… yet.

No PR update?! No more green bar?

Posted on 1st December 2010 by admin in google,News | Tags: , , , | Comments (0)

PR is very outdated and lately it is causing lot of issues to Google: link sales, PR maniacs and so on.

A sudden removal of PR will cause some panic and issues to many applications and sites that use PR queries  for various tasks.

So Google is probably removing PR gradually. They don’t update for a very long period,¬† so webmasters learn how to live without it.

Google Pagerank Update

Posted on 12th November 2010 by admin in News | Tags: , , | Comments (0)

There are more than 7 months since the last update.
Usually Pagerank was updating every 3 months.
Is Google doing some major changes with the Page Rank?